Thank you so much for considering a financial gift to St. Francis in the Fields. It is your gifts that enable us continue proclaiming the Gospel message of God's grace in Jesus Christ to a broken and hurting world.

People everywhere continue to confront the great questions of life (to borrow from Gaugin): Where do we come from? Where are we? Where are we going? Life and all of its "swift and varied changes" (BCP 119) will continue to confront people with these questions of ultimate meaning, and we here at St. Francis will continue to equip, teach, train, preach, witness and, most importantly, answer these questions with great and glorious hope of the Gospel—the "faith once delivered to the saints." (Jude 4). 

We pray that you will consider partnering with us in a new and dramatic way as we navigate through this world beset by the "wind and the waves" with the confidence of those who courageously sail in the unsinkable Ark of God's unfathomable love. Thanks be to God!

There are several ways in which you can support our ongoing work:

Pledging to support the on-going work of St. Francis is the best way to join with us in Gospel ministry. Your pledge is a promise to partner with us for a calendar year. Each year, our Every Member Canvass seeks a pledge from every family that calls St. Francis home. The pledges from these families enable us to plan our ministry year. We are always excited to see how deep and how far we can spread the Gospel with your help! To make a pledge, log in to our system (or request a log in) below and follow these instructions:

Click on "Pledge Now" in the "My Giving Summary" box on the left side of the overview page.

As you make your pledge, please make note of the dates you're pledging for. They'll default to the current calendar year, but most people will be pledging for the NEXT year. Please change the dates as needed.

After you make your pledge, you will have the option to save it (if you'd like to pay by some method other than online) or to "Save and Setup Online Gift," which will allow you to set up online payment of your pledge.

If you prefer to fill out a physical form, here is an Automated Payment Methods form for your convenience.


Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, people feel that the time is not right to make a pledge. You are welcome to set up a one-time or recurring donation to support our ongoing work. To donate to St. Francis in the Fields, click the button below and choose "General Fund" from the drop-down menu. You can also select "Wednesday Dinner" or another option from the drop-down menu to make a one time payment.  To have the option of giving a recurring gift, you'll need to log in to our system HERE.

There is no more profound way to honor the memory of a loved one than to contribute to Gospel ministry in their name. To further the work of announcing Christ's Good News at St. Francis in memoriam of a friend or family member, click HERE

Make a Testamentary Gift

The St. Francis in the Fields Arbor Society is a group of committed men and women who "have planted a tree under which they well know they will never sit." These lifetime partners are planning for the future of St. Francis, ensuring that this church will be proclaiming Jesus' name long after the current generation is gone. To make a testamentary gift, contact the church office at 502-228-1176.