Tuesday bible study

Our fall semester of Tuesday Bible Study begins September 10 and will be a study on the life of the Old Testament women Ruth and Esther. Join us at 9:30 a.m. for a lecture from the Scriptures with The Rev. Bob Coon followed by Small Group discussion and prayer at 10:30 a.m.


About the Fall 2019 Tuesday Bible Study

Ruth and Esther are the only women in the OT who have entire books devoted to them.  The book of Ruth tells the story of a Gentile woman who marries a Jew which leads to Ruth becoming part of the lineage of Jesus Christ.   

The book of Esther introduces us to a Jewess who marries a Gentile king and was used by God to save the Jewish nation from destruction so that the Messiah could be born.  Ruth begins with a famine and ends with the birth of a child, while Esther begins with a feast and ends with the death of seventy-five thousand people.  God is mentioned 25 times in Ruth but not once in Esther.  Yet, in both books we will witness God’s will being fulfilled as His hand is clearly in control.   

Why do we study these two women? Because, in spite of their different backgrounds and experiences, both Ruth and Esther were committed to do the will of God. 

Come join in the fun on Tuesday mornings   It will be exciting this fall as we watch God use these two women to bring glory to him in their totally different lives.  This is a wonderful study because it shows us how God moves in our lives as well and how we can see the blessings that He brings to our faith.     

Weekly Questions & Audio

9-10 Ruth Ch. 1

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11-12 Esther Ch. 6

11-19 Esther Ch. 7

11-28 Thanksgiving - No Class

12-3 Esther Ch. 8

12-10 Esther Ch. 9-10