St. Francis is a caring church. We love and prayerfully support our church family through all seasons of life. Pastoral Care is an important part of our ministry. God has blessed us with a team of clergy and prayer warriors who stand ready to support you in your time of need – or just to join you in giving thanks to God for specific joys in your life! In addition to healing prayer in the chapel after communion each Sunday, we also have a trained, clergy-led team of faithful and discreet members ready to visit in hospitals, in homes, to anoint with oil for healing, to bring Communion, or just to offer a prayer, a smile, and a word of encouragement. Please call the church office at 228-1176 and let us know how we can help bring the light of Christ and the healing of the Holy Spirit to you or someone you love.

Our Pastoral Care ministries include:

Lay Eucharistic Visitors

A Eucharistic Visitor is a lay person authorized to take the consecrated elements of bread and wine to those who by reason of illness or infirmity are unable to be present at the Celebration of the Eucharist. The Eucharistic Visitor is the pastoral representative of the reconciling love of God and a reminder of the community’s care and concern for their brother or sister in Christ.

Lay Pastoral Visitors

St. Francis clergy and trained lay hospital visitors are an extension of the love, comfort and compassion of Jesus Christ to those who are hospitalized. Visiting fellow parishioners in the hospital provides support and encouragement to those facing challenging, and oftentimes unknown and frightening circumstances.

Lay Visitors

Trained lay pastoral care visitors reach out to those in our church community who are unable to attend services. This act of love and friendship is an inroad to hearts and lives. Visitation lets people who are homebound, living in nursing homes, assisted care facilities or recovering from an illness know their church family cares for them.

Prayer Ministry

St. Francis is blessed with a team of compassionate clergy and laity who pray with faith in both God's ability and willingness to act. The Prayer Ministry provides specific opportunities for people to seek prayer and intercession. Each Sunday following communion those in need are invited to the chapel for prayer for themselves or others. The prayer team stands ready to intercede with people by invoking the presence and power of the Holy Spirit for any kind of need - emotional, spiritual, relational or physical.

Meal Ministry

We care for the needs of our church community by providing meals to those either experiencing life’s challenging or joyful times – loss of a loved one, birth of a child, sickness or surgery. We believe the meal giver is as blessed as the recipient.

Flower Ministry

Following Sunday services, altar flowers are delivered to the ill, the homebound or those celebrating a special occasion. A group of lay visitors reaches out to express and underscore the concern and care of their community to one of their own with this beautiful expression.

Funeral Coordination Ministry

Our clergy, staff and funeral coordinator are here to assist those during their time of loss and grief with prayer and support. They will journey with the grieving during this difficult time and give guidance concerning the decisions that will need to be made regarding arrangements for the visitation, funeral or memorial service and reception.

Please contact Bishop Russ.

Grief Support Ministry

St. Francis has a heart for the hurting. Our clergy and lay pastoral care visitors share the love of Christ by providing support to those grieving the death of a loved one. These compassionate individuals reach out in this difficult season of life to provide words of encouragement, a listening ear, help and information in understanding the grief process and care when needed most.

Please contact Bishop Russ.

Notes/Cards of Encouragement Ministry

To lift up members of our church family, St. Francis sends notes and cards of encouragement to those in times of pain, sorrow and suffering as well as times of joy and celebration. We choose specially selected Scripture verses which remind us all of the of the Good News of God’s love and faithfulness in all seasons of life. This ministry works in tandem with calls and personal visits to underscore that each member is valued, remembered and important to us all.

Holding Cross Ministry

St. Francis is dedicated to praying and caring for those in need. As a symbol of our faithfulness in prayer and reliance on Jesus Christ, we have established a Holding Cross Ministry. The Holding Cross, a smooth olive wood cross is made to fit comfortably in the palm of one’s hand. It may be given to parishioners in need by clergy or members of the Pastoral Care Committee.

The one who gives the cross promises to faithfully pray for the recipient during whatever trial or challenging season of life change they are facing. We believe that the cross symbolizes the source of our strength and serves as a reminder, even in our final hours, that our perspective as followers of Christ is eternal.