Pastoral Care

God calls us to serve Him by caring for others - by giving of oneself in Christian love. The need is great. Families dealing with aging parents or the extended illness of a family member need prayer and encouragement. Christians coping with the loss of a loved one, a job, or the end of a relationship need to know God’s comforting presence and strength. The struggles and challenges of day to day living are sometimes too great to walk alone. That is why Lay Pastoral Care came into being.

Members of the parish who are so called, are specially trained, equipped, and licensed by the Diocese to carry out this sacramental ministry. The Pastoral Care Staff at St Francis in the Fields matches Lay Pastoral Care Ministers with people who have an extended need. Lay Pastoral Care Ministers will establish relationship with the parishioner or family and over a period of weeks (or months) they walk with them, pray for them, administer communion if they are unable to come to church, and can, if need be, hear confession. If you become aware of a need that could benefit from this emerging ministry, contact Bishop Jacobus in the parish office.