The St. Francis Fellows Program is an intensely practical nine to ten month spiritual and vocational leadership program that prepares you to live a seamless life of faith. The program includes a part-time professional job in your field of interest, theological coursework, Biblical study, mentoring and service. All of this takes place in community with the other Fellows in your class. This leadership development program will equip you to have a thoughtful impact in the world.

By participating in the St. Francis Fellows Program, you will discern how your story fits into God's story. You will start your post-college years with a strong foundation for a cohesive life of faith—a full life that seamlessly weaves together your career, your personal life and your place in God's story. You'll begin to answer some of life's most important questions: How do you think "Christianly" about work, culture, friendships and experiences?


Fellows work in jobs in the marketplace. Our hope is to find you an entry-level position in your field of interest. All positions offer opportunities to learn and grow—to gain transferable skills and a network of contacts, and to serve as Christ would.

The St. Francis Fellows Program has a Youth Ministry or vocational ministry job available to one or two Fellows in each class. These positions offer a Fellow who is discerning a call to vocational ministry an opportunity to work in the church. But, we desire to prepare and equip this generation of leaders to embrace the Church and to engage God's world in all expressions of God given work—as a lawyer, educator, doctor, banker, homemaker, artist, pastor, journalist, engineer, athlete, entrepreneur, etc.

By participating in the St. Francis Fellows Program, you will discern how your story fits into God's story, and you'll begin to discern how you can participate in God's redemptive plan—through your career, and in all other areas of life. You will Start Well the professional stage of your life.


Fellows are eager to experience seamless lives of Christian faith. Fellows commit to the schedule and guidelines of the St. Francis Fellows Program. Fellows commit to accountability to one another and to the leadership of the program. Fellows are teachable. Fellows are humble. Fellows serve. Some Fellows are life-long followers of Christ—some are brand new believers. Fellows graduated from public or private colleges and they have a wide variety of vocational interests. Fellows are not afraid to ask tough questions, to take risks, or to step into leadership, assuming responsibility when appropriate. Fellows disciple the young and are students of the wise. Fellows love because Christ loved us. 

Fellows want to Start Well!


With a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a degree in Industrial Arts Education from the University of Maryland, Dr. Michael Nicholson is particularly well-suited to lead the St. Francis Fellows program. He has worked in the secular world (teaching woodworking, metalworking, and mass production techniques to junior high school students) and in the pastoral world (serving for almost 20 years as a professor of Biblical Studies and Christian Theology at the high school, college, and seminary levels). He is the author of The Christian Worldview.

Dr. Nicholson lives in Louisville with his wife Roberta.

For more information about the St. Francis Fellows program, or to apply to be a Fellow, contact the church office at For more information about The Fellows Initiative (the nationwide umbrella organization) click HERE.


Young adults at St. Francis gather occasionally for fellowship. This time is designed to help us grow closer to one another while also growing closer to Christ. We want it to be easy to get to know people who are in the same stage of life as you are!

Our most recent event was Thursday, March 1 at 7pm at Goodwood Brewery at 636 E Main Street in Louisville.

The cost was $5 per person which will include bbq from River Road Barbecue and soft drinks. Beer was purchased additionally by the individual. We had time to mingle and get to know each other and take a tour of the brewery. This company is owned by Ted Mitzlaff, a member of St. Francis.

Keep your eyes on this space for upcoming 20s/30s events!