What is give mom a break? 

Let’s face it men of St. Francis. Your wife can use a couple of hours off in the evening once a month. The Brotherhood of St. Andrew is making that time available and you and the kids get a FREE DINNER. Moms --- we believe you will enjoy an evening without caring for the kids and your hubby too. You know … a quiet bath, a time to look at your favorite magazine, etc. We will be offering several activities including a homework room, games, maybe a movie, maybe a contest including kickball or things appropriate. We want all Dads to bring the kids at 6:00 PM. We are even sponsoring a gift certificate for one of the kids to take home to Mom. The dinner is on us.

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Tuesday Nights from 6:00 - 7:30 pm

We will let you know when our next dates will be!


Graves Hall at St. Francis in the Fields

**There is no charge for Give Mom A Break

If you have any questions about our "Give Mom a Break" ministry please contact Sloane Graff at 502-821-3605 or