There may be no more fruitful ground for the development of a strong Christian faith than a small group community. The Mission of Break Bread Together is to provide the St. Francis in the Fields Community, both new and long-standing, an opportunity to develop relationships with other Christians, in a social environment. Groups of 8 meet to share a meal and Christian fellowship and meet from Sept 2018 through May 2019.

How does it work?

Each group of 8 people meet to share a meal and Christian Fellowship. The groups meet throughout the year from September through May. Dinners are planned at the convenience of the majority of the group members, each couple or individual will rotate as Host/Hostess of the group. Dinners are not limited to weekends, many groups meet during the week.

There are two formats the Host/Hostess has to choose from:

Private Home Gathering: The Host/Hostess will provide main course and beverage and will be responsible for communicating date/time/directions, to all of the group, as well as co-ordinate what dish each guest will bring.

Restaurant Gathering: The Host/Hostess will select the restaurant and will reserve room/table and will provide date/time/directions and will communicate to the group. Each participant will pay for their own dinner.

Why should I participate?

These groups provide an opportunity to make new friends and grow your circle of relationships in the community.

*** The First Dinner will be a potluck in Graves Hall on Sunday, September 9, 2018 where all groups will get a chance to meet and fellowship. ***