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Porch de Salomon Mission

Porch de Salomon is a unique and progressive non-profit ministry which, since 2005, has loved, served, and encouraged “the lost, the least, and the last” (and others!) of Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan basin by:

  • Hosting short-term mission teams: indigenous home construction (82 quality houses built!), community building, construction, medical/dental/vision/audiology clinics, and relation building.
  • Providing high-impact, year-round, humanitarian relief to indigenous people: food, clean water, infant relief, medicine, school scholarships, substance abuse recovery, counseling, and more.
  • Operating Solomon’s Porch café/worship gathering
  • Live music outreach, community service, and creative partnering in Panajachel’s “hippie” and expatriate communities
  • Encouraging high-impact spiritual growth in individuals and congregations through their involvement in Porch’s work in Guatemala.

St. Francis has committed to build a house each year for an indigent family in Guatemala. We support this ministry through fundraising for new homes, and sending a team to build the house (no construction skills required!)

For more information about this mission, please contact our Associate Rector for Pastoral Care, Missions, and Families, The Rev. Raleigh Langley.