membership at st. francis

Photos of members at St. Francis

We're excited that you're interested in joining our parish family. Since the Episcopal Church is a historic church, joining a parish might be an unfamiliar process for people who are not familiar with Episcopal polity. If you have questions that are not answered below, please contact Emily Fraiser, our Administrative Assistant.

Basically, there are three membership levels at St. Francis:

Church Family

Anyone who wants to may consider themselves part of our church family and a member of our worshipping community. No paperwork or official documentation is required to worship with us, take communion, attend events or programming, or be a full part of the life of our church.


In the Episcopal Church, member means something very specific. To be precise, a member of an Episcopal church is someone who was baptized at that church, confirmed at that church, or had their membership transferred to that church from somewhere else. So, if you were baptized or confirmed at St. Francis, you're already a member! If you are not baptized, please see a member of the clergy or contact Jennifer Grady, our Children's Minister (and Baptism coordinator), and we'll schedule a baptism service. If you were baptized in another tradition (Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, etc) and are not confirmed, you can become a member at St. Francis by being confirmed here. If you have been baptized and confirmed in another tradition, you can become a member of St. Francis by being “received" into the Episcopal Church here. If you are already baptized, confirmed, and a member of another Episcopal Church, we will simply need to request a letter of transfer from that parish to St. Francis, no ceremony or sacramental rite is required. If you have questions about your baptism or confirmation, please don't hesitate to contact Emily Fraiser or a member of the clergy.

Communicant in Good Standing

This is the final “level" of membership at St. Francis. A communicant in good standing is a member (see above) who also attends corporate worship on a regular basis, has filled out a pledge card, and who involves themselves in the wider life of the parish. There is no minimum pledge to be considered “in good standing," the idea is that you're financially committed in some way to the proclamation of the Gospel at and through St. Francis. Becoming involved in the life of the parish usually happens naturally: joining a Life Group, attending Tuesday Bible study, or going on a retreat, for example. As St. Francis becomes your spiritual home, you'll find yourself becoming involved.