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All our youth are invited to our annual Youth Spring Retreat at All Saints from March 17th -19th. A church retreat is a time to bond with others in the youth group and form lasting, Christ-centered relationships with youth and adults alike. We hope that all our youth will join us for this action packed weekend filled with Bible study, games, community building, singing, and fun.

We know that many of our youth are busy with a wide variety of extracurricular activities, but we believe this retreat will be a life enriching experience as we explore the theme of “Get Out of the Boat,” and learning to take our faith with us wherever we go. Each of our five sessions will deal with a topic based on this theme. Our hope for this retreat is to help the youth clearly understand where they are in their faith; whether they have one foot in the boat and one out, or both in/both out, and where they want to go with their faith.

Every day our youth are seduced away from God by images, opinions, desires, and options that may leave them confused, and seeking acceptance and understanding. This retreat will help them understand how stepping out of the boat with Christ can strengthen them against temptations that may pull them in over their heads, and clarify ways in which each of them can focus on Christ individually, and as a group. Spending time on retreat with other youth can help each of them realize they are not the only ones being tempted and finding it hard to say no. Through shared experiences and discussions, the testimonies of others, and time for reflection, the youth will gain valuable insight and understanding about how Christ can help them “walk on water,” if they trust in Him and His love for us..

The cost of the retreat is $110 and you will need to sign up before Sunday, March 12th so that we can turn our numbers into All Saints Camp. Scholarships are available if needed, please contact Raleigh for more info. PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST COMPLETE A PARENT CONSENT FORM FOR YOUR CHILD.