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Do you feel like you have more questions than answers about the prayerbook? Do you want to deepen your prayer life, but aren’t sure where to start? Are you curious about the history of the prayerbook, or maybe even wonder why we use it at all? Join us this Fall for a six-week class diving into the Book of Common Prayer! In this class we’ll explore questions like:

  • Where did the prayerbook come from?
  • Why pray from a book when you could pray to God from the heart?
  • How do I use the prayerbook for personal devotion?
  • What is the prayerbook’s role in worship?

Most importantly, you’ll leave this class with practical tools to deepen your prayer life, and to establish a regular pattern of prayer and discipleship. Whether you’ve been an Episcopalian your whole life, or never opened the prayerbook before, this class is for you! Join us in Rooms 201/202 beginning September 10 at 10:15 a.m. Contact Mthr. Barbara with any questions.