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This event is aimed at helping people understand a theology of faith & work–how our faith impacts the work we do day to day. We will feature a weekly speaker who will help us see the very “spiritual” implications of faith for our vocations as doctors, teachers, parents, employees, business owners, and more.

June 19 speaker: Jason Myhre

Jason Myhre serves as Executive Director for the Center, providing overall strategic direction as well as teaching many of its courses. He is also a Founding Member of Eventide Asset Management, working alongside its leadership team in supporting governance and oversight, as well as serving as Eventide’s Director of Advocacy. Outside his work at Eventide, Jason serves as a Fellow of the Center for Faithful Business at Seattle Pacific University. In his personal life, Jason is a lover of all things culture, from simple pleasures like brewing craft coffee to transcendent, like watching the films of Yasujirō Ozu.