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Experience the practical training and teaching in prayer. This seminar is not for victorious Christians, but Christians feeling defeated in the trenches, asking… How do I focus when I’m distracted with so much to do? How do I pray longer than five minutes? How do I ask when I’ve tried it before, and it doesn’t work? This seminar is a two-part part event that will be led by Bruce Goldsmith, occurring Friday night from 6:00-9:15 p.m. and Saturday morning from 8:00 a.m.-12:15 p.m. at St. Francis in the Fields.

More on Bruce Goldsmith: Bruce Goldsmith, a native of Virginia, is Senior Pastor of Laurel Hill Baptist Church in Charlottesville, Virginia. Bruce attended a half-day A Praying Life seminar with Paul Miller several years ago, and has been captivated ever since. After 20+ years of teaching the Scriptures, he realized he was missing the person of Jesus: His humanity, all that He is as fully God and fully man, and how intimate Jesus wants us to be with Him in our spiritual lives. From that first seminar, Bruce has been a part of multiple prayer cohorts, one of which is still going today after several years, with men who have become friends and true brothers in the Lord. He is a trained seminar leader for A Praying Life, The Person of Jesus, and A Praying Church. Bruce says, “I feel like I’m going from helping people know about Jesus to knowing Him personally, as God but also as a friend.”