Vivian Ruth Sawyer, former President of VRS Associates, Inc. Marketing Communications, founded her firm in 1993 to respond to the growing demand for marketing and communications solutions individually tailored for clients desiring to create grassroots excitement about their products and services while maximizing limited promotional budgets. As head of a business that experienced a dramatic increase in the range and diversity of its projects and clients, Ms. Sawyer served as leader of a wide variety of needs-based teams performing product and service marketing, research, fund-raising, strategic planning, and investor, government and public relations. Ms. Sawyer retired from VRS Associates in 2004 to devote full time to philanthropic, nonprofit and family interests. Before founding VRS Associates, Ms. Sawyer served as Special Projects Administrator for Humana Inc., where for nine years she assisted and represented Humana's chief executive officer in the implementation of external programs, and advised senior management on a variety of issues. Ms. Sawyer also served as senior executive speechwriter at Humana, and she authored four Humana annual reports, including two cited by Institutional Investor magazine as best of the hospital management industry, and one cited by the same publication in September 1990 as one of the eight best annual reports in the nation.

Born in Hartford, Conn., Ms. Sawyer earned a bachelor's degree in music history and English from Florida State University in 1976. In 1986, she received a master's degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism, where she completed course work in 197879, while holding an assistantship in communications law. She joined the staff of Horizon and Antique Monthly magazines in 1980, where she wrote and edited a section of Horizon about international cultural events, as well as a nationally syndicated newspaper column. In 1982, Ms. Sawyer relocated from the U.S. to Paris, France. For two years she worked as a free-lance writer, served as assistant to the fashion and society editor for the International HeraldTribune, lectured for the United States Embassy and the French school of government, the Ecole Nationale d'Administration, and taught English to French adults for La Maison de l’Europe. While abroad, she earned a diploma with high honors in French from l'Institut Catholique de Paris.

For 22 years Ms. Sawyer has taught classes on Bible, discipleship, spiritual formation and prayer in Louisville churches. In 2004, while speaking about the Alpha course in Cincinnati at a city-wide trans-church gathering on evangelism, she met the staff of Transformation Cincinnati, Cincinnati’s city-wide trans-denominational prayer and ministry movement. After viewing the documentaries, Ms. Sawyer joined with others to launch a city-wide prayer movement in Louisville. Transform Louisville was born the following spring. Weekly prayer meetings began November of 2005 and continued weekly during the academic year until the fall of 2013, when Transform Louisville merged with another city-wide prayer effort lead by area pastors.

Fall 2013 she embarked on a Master’s of Divinity degree at Asbury Theological Seminary, as well as a Certificate in Anglican Studies, which she plans to complete in 2019. She is discerning ordination in The Episcopal Church, under the guidance of Bishop Greg Brewer of the Diocese of Central Florida. She has been married for 35 years to Thomas T. Noland, Jr. Together they have two children, ages 30 and 26.