Weddings at St. Francis

We are glad that you are interested in getting married at St. Francis. As the joining of a man and a woman in marriage serves as the image of Christ's union with his church, we love celebrating marriages here. Here are three important forms to get you started:

Here are answers to two very common questions about weddings:

  1. Wedding services at St. Francis in the Fields conform to the Rite found in The Book of Common Prayer 1979. Click HERE to view the service.
  2. Clergy on staff at St. Francis in the Fields officiate and preach at weddings conducted here. Other ministers may participate in other aspects of the service, at the discretion of the Rector.

If you still have questions, or would like to speak to someone about getting married at St. Francis, please call the church office at 502-228-1176.

This Sunday

february 18

Nursery opens at 8:45

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9:00am Holy Eucharist Rite 2 (organ and choir)
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10:15am Education Hour
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11:15am Holy Eucharist Rite 1 (organ and choir)
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