Leadership Symposium

Each year, St. Francis welcomes a noted writer/thinker/speaker to share with us on a Saturday morning. Topics cover all subjects, but are always beneficial to building us up as leaders, not only in the church, but in our families, jobs, and daily lives.

In the spring of 2016, we were excited to welcome Dr. James Skillen as our  speaker. His topic was "The Good of Politics."

Dr. Skillen (PhD, Duke University) helped found the Center for Public Justice (CPJ), an independent, nonpartisan organization devoted to policy research and civic education for which he served as executive director and president. Now retired from the CPJ, he is engaged in full-time writing, mentoring, and speaking on political thought and public policy. Skillen has authored or edited numerous books, including "Recharging the American Experiment", and lives in Birmingham, Alabama.

His most recent book "The Good of Politics" argues that constructive Christian engagement depends on the belief that those made in the image of God are created not only for family life, agriculture, education, science, industry, and the arts but also for building political communities, justly ordered for the common good. He articulates how God made us to be royal stewards of public governance from the outset and that the biblical story of God's creation, judgment, and redemption of all things in Jesus Christ has everything to do with politics and government.

In this irenic, nonpartisan treatment of an oft-debated topic, Skillen critically assesses current political realities and helps readers view responsibility in the political arena as a crucial dimension of the Christian faith.

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JuLy 30

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