adult Confirmation

Adult Confirmation is a chance for already-baptized adults to make a public profession of faith in the saving work of Jesus Christ. In the Episcopal Church, baptism typically occurs during infancy, but Confirmation is also appropriate for those baptized as adults.

In short, infant baptism celebrates God's one-way love for sinners by "having the party" before the child is old enough to think of "choosing Jesus" as a good work at they're performing. Adult baptism and confirmation simply re-iterate this one-way love. In other words, it's not now the adult's turn to choose Jesus, making his or her relationship with him a two-way street. Rather, it's an opportunity for the adult to stand up and celebrate the one-way love of God in Christ along with his or her church family.

Confirmation is appropriate for those who have never been confirmed. If you were confirmed in another tradition (Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, etc), but wish to become a member (for details visit our Membership page HERE) of St. Francis or publicly affirm your faith here, you would instead be "received" into the Episcopal Church.

The prerequisite class for Adult Confirmation is the Exploration Class (click HERE for details), offered twice per year. Confirmations and Receptions occur in the Spring at the Bishop's visitation.

If you have more questions about Adult Confirmation or Reception, please contact Emily Fraiser, our Administrative Assistant, in the church office or one of the clergy.

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November 18th

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